10 ways to tell you are overdue for an eye exam

I find it interesting to see how long some people go between eye exams.  Reasons range from busy schedules to financial considerations but this post covers some of them.  So to borrow from Jeff Foxworthy, “It might be time for an eye exam if…”

1.  Your glasses are held together with a combination of tape, paper clips and super glue.

2.  You avoid driving when the sun is not in the sky.  I bet we can help.

3.  You hated that 3D movie and were the only person in the theater watching it without the glasses on.  This has become such a common occurrence that we’ve added a question about 3D movies to our patient symptom questionnaire.

4.  You’ve bought the strongest drug store reading glasses and you still can’t see the buttons on your cell phone.

5.  You were told at your last eye exam that you couldn’t wear contact lenses because you have astigmatism.

6.  You no longer enjoy that fine-detailed hobby because the detail is too fine.

7.  You’ve forgotten that you should actually rub or rinse those contact lenses every night AND put fresh solution in that case.  Could that be why the eyes are a little red every day?

8.  You thank the heavens for the invention of Visine so that you’re not drug-tested at work or school.  Continuous eye redness means your eyes are trying to tell you something.  Let us help you figure it out.

9.  You thank the heavens for the ability to enlarge your computer font so that only 12 words at a time are visible on your screen.  I wonder if that cuts in to your efficiency at work?

10.  You think those frontal headaches must be sinus-related and couldn’t have anything to do with those 6 eye muscles that work non-stop every day.  Many eye muscles, including my own sometimes get very tired of pointing my eyes toward the computer screen.  My glasses virtually eliminate any discomfort.

So if any of these struck a chord with you or makes you think of someone you know, then I would suggest it’s time to check the peepers.  Vision is so much more than seeing a small black letter on a chart that’s 20 feet away.  How often do you really use your eyes for that task on a daily basis?

Have a great weekend!

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