12 signs you may have vision problems even though you can read 20/20.

Patients often equate 20/20 vision with being perfect vision.  It’s far from it.  It simply means that you can identify a small letter from 20 feet away.  Useful for truck drivers, athletes and pilots, but it doesn’t mean you have clear, comfortable binocular vision.
Below are 12 signs or symptoms that could indicate eye problems that may not have been detected.
1.  Eyestrain (especially during or after reading)
2.  Headaches in and around the eyes, often confused with sinus pain
3.  Blurred vision during or after reading
4.  Double vision
5.  Inability to concentrate for more than 15 to 20 minutes at a time
6.  Short attention span
7.  Frequent loss of place
8.  Squinting, rubbing, closing or covering one eye
9.  Sleepiness during concentrated near or distance activities
10. Trouble remembering what you’ve just read
11.  Words appear to move, jump, swim or float
12.  Problems with motion sickness/vertigo
These aren’t issues that are just related to children.  Many adults compensate for these problems all their lives.  See your eye doctor if you or someone you know has any of these 12 problems.

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  • Randi Brown

    What if you have all 12 problems? Am I just getting old?

    • Hi Randi! Thanks for reading the post. What I’ve found is that many of my patients have just learned to compensate during their lifetime for these imperfections in their vision. They may have always been visual learners instead of book learners. Children may rather be read to than read on their own. People may gravitate towards careers that require less reading and more hands on skills. Not true for everyone, but I see it often. But everything becomes a little harder to compensate for as we get older and these problems may become more bothersome over the years.

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