A busy Wednesday at EyeWorks…

CRT (Corneal Reshaping Treatment) showing a contact lens fit very well.

A near perfect fit of a CRT (corneal reshaping treatment lens) which should give great vision upon removal.

Quite a busy day at EyeWorks today (Wednesday). Every Wednesday morning we start off with a staff meeting and for the 3rd week in a row, we’ve introduced a new member of the team. Kelley joins the team as an optician. Laura started last week as a member of the front desk welcoming committee. And Kim from the Illinois College of Optometry began her fourth year externship with us about three weeks ago as our very first student extern. She will be with us until early August.

All are doing a great job getting acclimated to the way we do things.  Kelley and Laura have no previous eye care work experience and that’s usually just the way we like it.  We like to look for intelligent, caring people that can blend in well with the staff and can be molded in to our philosophy of patient care.  We are asking them to learn a ton of information and they are doing a great job.

Kim comes to us with 3 years of optometry school under her belt and she has done an outstanding job helping us with patient care.  If you did not know, optometry school students go through four years of classroom and clinical training after obtaining a bachelor’s degree.  We are happy that she chose us to begin her fourth year.  We plan on giving her plenty of real world experience with practice management exposure that you just can’t learn in school.

Last week, I ordered her some lenses known as CRT or ortho-k lenses.  These are rigid contact lenses that you apply to the eyes at night and they gently reshape the front curve of the eye to reduce your near-sightedness and astigmatism.  I checked her vision first thing this morning and she was easily reading 20/20.  I may need to make some slight modifications to the lenses to make them fit even better, which should result in even better vision.  The use of CRT lenses is completely reversible and research has shown that the use of the lenses may reduce progression of near-sightedness in young patients.  The photo above is an example of the way the lenses should look after instilling fluorescein drops behind the lens.  It presents a great alternative (much less expensive) than LASIK surgery also.

We hit the ground running this morning with a full schedule of patients and it wasn’t long before we were running behind schedule.  We had Jeff from Safilo frames in the office promoting his line of frames which included Hugo Boss, Kate Spade and Fossil.  I didn’t have time to promote the specials we were running on our Facebook page either, so that was kind of a blown opportunity.  Not proud to admit that.

Right before lunch, I had another patient who came in with chronic frontal headaches that she’d been dealing with since October.  She had seen a neurologist who ruled out any brain or sinus abnormalities.  I went in to vertical phoria mode and sure enough, she had a history of motion sickness, inability to watch 3D movies, history of migraines and some neck and shoulder soreness.  We spent a great deal of time discussing my findings related to her poor eye muscle coordination and I prescribed some Anti-Fatigue Lenses from Essilor with both vertical and horizontal prism which I am confident will give her a great deal of relief from her headaches.

Due to the length of that visit, my lunch hour became a 12 minute lunch break.  But that’s how it goes.

The afternoon was just as busy with an airline pilot from Ohio who flew a corporate jet for C & S Wholesale Grocers here in Keene, NH .  He had heard about the new HoyaVision My Style progressive lenses that uses lifestyle questions and precise digital free form lens surfacing to specifically design the way that his progressive lens will work for him.

And I really enjoyed the visit from a husband/wife team who were completely unaware of the superior scratch resistance of the Hoya Super Hi Vision EX3 lens treatment that rivals the scratch resistance of glass.

Other patients deserving honorable mention include Lisa, a fellow Texan whose family has a ranch near Victoria, TX.  We had a great discussion about the benefits and safety of LASIK surgery.

So we kind of saw it all today at the office.  Tomorrow’s schedule (Thursday) looks a bit lighter, so give us a call at (603) 352-7803 if you’d like to be seen for an eye exam.  Friday and Saturday’s schedule are pretty much full and I’ll be looking forward to relaxing on Sunday.

Stay cool if you live here in the Northeast, we are supposed have record heat in to the mid-90s tomorrow.  Makes me really miss central air conditioning!

If you’d like any more info on any of the topics mentioned above, feel free to send me a question through the comments section below.  And be sure to subscribe to my blog to be updated on the latest eye care info.

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