Best Treatments for Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

I had a patient in today asking me about remedies for her puffy eyelids and dark circles under her eyes. To me, that falls under the cosmetics realm but while she was in the exam room I went to to see what was available and I found 100 cosmetics products that are marketed for the skin surrounding the eyes. Having no personal experience with any of these products, I thought I’d post the products in order of their Amazon popularity. Most of the big names are in on this, but there are plenty of manufacturers that I’ve never heard of.

I don’t know if I can get any readers to admit to using these products, but I welcome any feedback on what has or hasn’t worked.

Here is your link to Amazon: Treatments for Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes

As an alternative, here is a link to Discovery Health that offers up some natural remedies.

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  • I occasionally use raw eye whites for puffy eyes. Yes, it really works! I’ve been doing it for years!

    • jasdeviney

      egg whites?