For the dog lovers.

Did you know in some areas that there are veterinary ophthalmologists?  I’m pretty sure they don’t prescribe eyeglasses and I can guarantee you they don’t believe in the effectiveness of vision therapy.  But I’m sure they deal with their share of glaucoma, cataracts and dry eyes just like we humans have to deal with.

I’ve treated or co-managed three doggie eye injuries since I’ve been here and have yet to refer one to a vet ophthalmologist.  Not that most veterinarians can’t handle the run of the mill eye scratches that many dogs deal with.  The nearest I could find was 55 miles away in Harvard, MA.  Good to know.

For today’s post, I found an article titled “What a dog’s eyes can tell you about its health” written by Denise Maher from

Condolences to Steph who lost her dog Betsy this week. I hope you’re doing okay.

So take a look and email me if you have any questions. The weekend is in sight!

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