Hey doc, why can’t I see those letters any clearer?

(Part 2 of my last post.  Make sure you read it before reading this one.)  So I have a patient in my chair with healthy eyes, but he/she still can’t see the letters as sharply as they’d like.  Making the lenses stronger doesn’t help and backing off on the prescription doesn’t help.  By now, I would have already referred to the Z-View printout and looked at the categories listed above that 18-wheeler barreling down the highway at me.

The beauty of the Z-View aberrometer is that it measures three additional imperfections in our vision beyond near-sighted/far-sighted and astigmatism.  They are known as higher order aberrations (trefoil, coma, and spherical aberration) and the amount found in the eye is color coded as a Low, Moderate, or High level.  These imperfections are responsible for halos, tails and star bursts around lights.  If I see red in those lower boxes, it’s a pretty good bet that the traditional lens is not correcting every imperfection in my patient’s vision.

Thankfully, we can use this Z-View printout to develop a lens that can incorporate these imperfections and give what some have described as high-definition vision.  Unlike the typical lens prescription that would be pulled out of a drawer, these lenses are designed specifically for each eye’s unique imperfections and they often take 3 to 4 weeks before completion.

If you go to the company’s website at www.izonlens.com, we are one of only two practices in the state that own the aberrometer and we’ve had patients drive from the other practice telling us that “the folks in Nashua don’t use it”, so they made the drive to Keene.  We’ve had some patients drive from 150 miles away to get this scan.

So every now and then I get a patient who has never found a satisfactory answer for a long-standing vision problem.  But because we do the scan on every patient, we can point out virtually every reason why the 20/20 line may not be crystal clear.  More times than not, the Z-View has provided that answer.  It’s a luxury I haven’t always had, but it really helps to complete the puzzle when evaluating one’s vision.

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