Is this why I love it here?


Ashuelot River off of Highway 12A


Fall is here in the Monadnock region and the colors of the leaves seem to be much more impressive than what I recall from last year.

I was on my to Alstead on Monday when I saw two perfect places to pull over and snap some pictures.  Most of them got uploaded to my Facebook page, but the one above is the one I like the best.

It helped me remember back to when I was a sophomore in high school, and my family took a two week driving vacation through Colorado, Wyoming,  and Washington and drove back down the northern coast of California on the way back to Texas.

At one of our stops around Yellowstone Park, I got out our video camera and took what seemed to be hours of video of the rushing flow of a river (it was actually about 10 minutes but to everyone who watched, it seemed like an hour).  To me, there was just something mesmerizing about it.  I didn’t fish in it, canoe in it, or swim in it…I just watched and listened to the sound of it.

I thought back to that never ending video as I was snapping a few pictures and standing all alone by the Ashuelot River.  All the while hoping that a moose or bear might wander in to the view of my lens.  They never did.

It got me to thinking…Is this why I love it here?

Did I always want to live in a place surrounded by mountains and flowing rivers?  Well, apparently so.  Since moving here over a year ago, I’ve climbed one mountain for the first time in my life and fly fished in the Contoocook River, not caring that I didn’t really catch anything…just enjoying listening to the water and looking in to the trees.  I can’t wait to do it again and I don’t really care if I catch much the next time either.

Before this time next year, I hope to get a kayak or canoe, maybe some cross country skis, and break out the snow shoes that my parents bought for me last winter.  I don’t really know how to take advantage of all these new opportunities yet, but I’m working on it…

Soon enough, the beautiful foliage will just be a whole lot of leaves that need to be raked or mowed.  The sun will go down earlier, it will be pitch dark at 5:15 pm and nothing but cold, cold, cold.  At that point, I may ask myself why I ever moved up here.  And then I’ll bundle up, put on some good boots and gloves and go try something new.  Because doing the same thing over and over again just isn’t for me.

Happy Hump Day!


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