Keene Family Fun Fair

A big thank you to the folks who put together the Keene Family Fun Fair yesterday at the Recreation Center.  It was a busy day at the rec center.  In addition to the family fun fair, the Red Cross had set up shelters for those New Hampshire residents who have been without power for a few days following the recent storm that blew through New England.  Basketball tryouts were also being held for the local AAU girls basketball team.  I ran in to KHS’s girls Coach Eric Matte, and Jenn and Nina from EyeWorks came by with their kids to check out the fair.  Jenn’s daughter was also trying out for the AAU team and I hope she did well!

This was what I hope to be my first of many local Health and Wellness Fairs.  You can probably tell by looking at my table that I was in dire need of a woman’s touch, which didn’t happen.  Again, the creative thing…

But I was able to talk to lots of parents and kids about the importance of UV sunwear protection and let them all know about our ongoing promotion.  Bring in any child 12 or under for a complete eye health exam and if they do not need prescription glasses, they can pick out a pair of free Julbo ( sunglasses.  If they do need prescription eyewear, we’ve worked out a program where the child can upgrade to Transition lenses at no charge so that their lenses will darken outdoors for full UV protection.

After all, most of our exposure to UV rays comes when we’re young and we get more sun than we will get for the rest of our lives.  The importance of sunscreen to protect the skin is well known, but the importance of “sunscreen for the eyes” has not been promoted as much.  So come in and see us.  We don’t plan on ending this promotion any time soon, but you never know how long supplies will last!

Do your kids wear sunscreen for their eyes?

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  • Nancy Deviney

    So good to see you getting involved in the Keene community!