My Last Patient Before Lunch…

The most interesting cases seem to always come in right before lunch or right before we close.  Such was the case with Chelsea’s dog, Todd.  This little guy was bitten by a feisty labrador last night and needed some attention.

He had actually just been to the vet, but I guess I was the second opinion.  So although it’s difficult to examine a puppy’s eye while he’s chewing on your fingers, it appears as if his eye will be fine.  I gave them a sample of an antibiotic eye drop to use with the ointment prescribed by the vet.

This is actually the second time since moving to Keene that I’ve examined a little pug (a different one before) who was on the wrong end of a dog fight.  Chelsea, by the way, is the daughter of  Jenn,  who is one of our patient coordinators.  The other pug was a friend of Carrie, one of our doctor’s assistants.

So I could say there’s a first time for everything, but this is actually the second time.  Oh, and the dog had no insurance, so we waived the normal copay.

This weekend I’m heading back to Ridgefield, CT to take a weekend course on sports vision.  I’ll have a report some time next week.

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  • Ben

    Very cool!

  • kate St Pierre

    The feisty lab was mine. He is still in time out. His name is Muddy. Chelsea has since learned never to feed one dog and not the other. I’m so glad you saw little Todd. Thank you