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I have a request from a reader named Kindle who is wanting some information on eye color genetics for a term paper.  So although I don’t consider myself an expert in eye color genetics, I hope these links to other websites will be helpful.

According to this website: eye color is thought to be determined by 6 genes and the more dominant the alleles, the darker the eyes will be.

This website actually has a calculator that if you know your parents’ eye color and your mate’s parents’ eye color, you can predict the eye color of your offspring.

Here is another eye color calculator to compare to the one above, although it doesn’t seem to take in to account the grandparents’ eye color.

Discover Magazine had a short article in their March 2007 publication indicating that there is no single gene for eye color.

And this article from MSNBC claims that blue eyes are the result of a genetic mutation that originates from a single common ancestor.

I hope this is helpful to you Kindle!

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