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So I was getting bored with the current blog that I had because it looked so simple and I’m ready to be a little more creative.  Now, no one’s ever really accused me of being creative.  But I know what I like in a website and I felt I needed to move away from to the new site at   So in choosing this theme, someone else did all the work and I just chose and it downloaded an office photo (that someone else took).  So, once again, I can’t really take any credit for the creativity.

In practice related news, I attended a practice management meeting in Cromwell, CT this past weekend which was just south of Hartford.  It was a joint effort between Cleinman Performance Partners, Inc. and Hoya Laboratories, a  fine spectacle lens maker among other things.  The meeting was designed to introduce a new group of doctors to the benefits of wisdom sharing offered by the Cleinman team (forgive me Al for not doing  justice with my description).  Although I can only stand hanging out with other eye doctors for so long, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the group of doctors there and bouncing ideas off them.  I met some docs and some great men and women from Cleinman and Hoya, who I hope to be able to visit with again someday.

One of my topics of conversation was how to get more patients in the office since I’m the new eye doc in town.  Many ideas were tossed around including some that we’ve already tried…including speaking at the Lions Club (check), meeting with folks at the retirement/assisted living homes (check), offering vision screenings at the school (check) and joining the local Rotary Club (check).  Ironically, I was pretty much fully booked both yesterday and today, so maybe my plan should be just to talk about it all weekend in another state and only see patients on Monday and Tuesday!

I got back just in time for kickoff of the Super Bowl and helped root the Saints to victory!  That was almost as good as seeing the Cowboys win, especially since the Cowboys whipped the Saints earlier in the year.  I’m thinking I could make an argument that the Cowboys should really be world champs, but I’ll just throw that out for discussion and see what happens.

Otherwise it looks like a winter storm is heading our way.  The ski mountains really need it and the majority of snow in Keene seems to have melted away for the moment.  So I’ll probably get to test out the new snow thrower that I finally got working.  Should be interesting…

Forecasted Snowfall Totals

Forecasted snowfall totals for New England tomorrow.

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  • Don the Magnificent

    I ACCUSE you of being creative. Now you can scratch that one off the list.

  • Thanks, Don. You’re magnificent.