One year in Keene and counting…

It was this Tuesday a year ago that I walked in to EyeWorks ready to see my first patient and the past year has really flown by.  I experienced a very mild summer, which the locals complained that there was too much rain.  But we appreciated the relief from the Texas heat, so we didn’t complain.

I experienced the changing of the leaves, which was beautiful.  Then I experienced the raking of the leaves, which was about as fun as it sounds.

And I experienced my first real winter, even though the locals claimed I got off easy because there were only two snow days in which the kids got to stay home from school.  I believe they are right but it was a great way to be introduced to the cold.

I found out that small towns are small towns no matter what part of the world they are located in (think San Marcos, TX).  The warnings of northern people being cold and distant were definitely not true.  I tell my friends and family from Texas that it’s a different kind of nice, but I find virtually everyone I meet to be courteous and polite, with maybe the exception of a couple of New Yorkers that I’ve met, but whatever.

Some other notables from my first year here:

I’ve discovered there’s something new and cool to experience about an hour (or less) away from Keene in any direction.

I’ve driven through four states in one afternoon six different times.

I’ve discovered the addictive nature of Dunkin Donuts every Sunday morning.  But only on Sunday mornings.

I’ve treated two dogs, both pugs, for eye injuries.

I’ve learned that I’ll never stop saying “y’all” and will probably never learn to incorporate “wicked” in to my vocabulary.

I’ve learned that shoveling and throwing snow loses its novelty after about 2 minutes.

Central air conditioning in the home is definitely a luxury that I may never know again.

And I could probably go on and on, but I won’t bore you any longer if you’ve read this far.  We’ve actually used my one year anniversary at EyeWorks to have several special promotions this month.

Next weekend we are sponsoring the Keene Swamp Bats baseball game and we are going to use that opportunity promote our new sports vision clinic.  Thank you to my sister-in-law Heather and her artistic talents for providing a new logo.  We will have it posted soon.

Enjoy the weekend!

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  • Chris

    It’s “wicked awesome” to hear that your first year in NH (and at EyeWorks) has been a good one, all things considerd. I wish you many more.

  • Nancy Deviney

    Our loss is definitely New Hampshire’s gain! It is obvious that this was a great move for you and your family and we are looking forward to exploring New England in the years to come! (Is it time to get my eyes checked in your office when I come to visit next month?)