Another reason to get the kids outside…Prevent Myopia?

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Thumbs up to sunlight!

New research an eye opener on cause of myopia –

A recent study from Australia shows that 10 to 14 hours of sunlight per week may reduce a child’s chance of becoming near-sighted.  Interestingly enough,  in Australia wearing hats is required at primary school and is encouraged for outdoor activities.

Differences in the prevalence of myopia have been found between countries.  The differences seem to relate to high levels of myopia in highly urbanized, academically focused countries with an emphasis on early competitive education systems versus low levels in less urbanized and/or countries with more emphasis on learning through play at an early age.

Click the link above for the CNN interview.

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  • This is very interesting. My kids are going to play outside… ALOT!

  • Great article. I think children would benefit a great deal from spending more time outside. Fresh air, sunlight, exercise…. all contribute to a better well-being…eyes and all! 🙂

  • Stephen Hunt, DDS

    Nice article. The CNN interview focusing on the environmental aspects of myopia was interesting. One thing is for sue kids benefit in many ways by getting out into the fresh air and sunlight.
    I am a retired dentist with ARMD and my mission is to contribute to a cure of a career destroyer
    The effect of environment, illness, medications and trauma on kid’s eyes is important to the search
    Thanks again for the information

  • hmm.. I learned something new today. Our environment contributes to our body’s wellness.