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The Future of Contact Lenses

I came across this article in Science Daily about LCD technology that is being integrated in to the matrix of contact lenses.  Here you see a photo of a contact lens with a simple dollar sign embedded in to it.  … Continue reading

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The Daily Eyeball Report

It was a busy and somewhat hectic day at the Alamo Heights Vision Source yesterday.  Our Officemate electronic medical record software was inaccessible and we had to resort to writing everything down on paper.  Paper!  It was like it was … Continue reading

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Bifocal Contact Lenses vs. Monovision

It’s a battle that’s been “raging” since the mid-1980s when soft bifocal contact lenses were first introduced.  Vistakon got in to the game early with the Acuvue Bifocal and CibaVision followed shortly thereafter with their Focus Progressives.  Both were better … Continue reading

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It’s a complicated thing…

Vision, that is.  I realize it more and more every day with my own eyes and the patients that come in seeking help for their eyes.  Oh sure, it can be simplified and over-simplified.  Many people, including eye doctors do … Continue reading

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