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One of the reasons I decided to start this blog was to hopefully give people some insight in to some behind the scenes aspects of our practice.  EyeWorks is not exactly one of a kind, but our type of practice is few and far between.  And for me, it was worth moving halfway across the country for.  So through the blog,  I’d like to share with you some things you may not have known about our practice.

First and foremost, we take no discount vision plans.  Why?  Well, though many patients perceive their vision plan as a great benefit, they don’t realize that because of the discounted payments to the doctor, that office usually has to see 3 times as many patients in order to still pay the bills and the staff.  That often can lead to a staff that’s very frazzled and confused by the complexities of all the different vision plans.  What follows is spotty customer service and patients that may feel like all their needs have not been met.

In the practice I left in Houston, I was along side very hard-working doctors, management, and staff that tried their best to deliver superior customer service and patient care, but I saw how the busy busy nature of the practice could wear on each and every one of us.  All too often customer service would go up and down like a roller coaster.

Despite their best efforts, customer service (but not patient care) would suffer.  But that seems to be the nature of big city practices…with nearby large companies who all have vision plans and optometrists having to cram their schedules to make up the difference.

Vision plans often leave eye care offices with one hand tied behind their backs.  We are required to use their labs to save you money, even though our quality control is better.  We are required to sell their preferred frames to save you money, even if it’s a lesser quality frame.

So a few years ago, EyeWorks decided to no longer accept vision plans.  We found that there are plenty of patients who have eye exam coverage through their health plans or could use their flex or cafeteria spending plans.  And because we don’t have to schedule so many patients, we can spend extra time trying to dig deeper in to our patients’ vision problems or simply get to know them better.

And it’s worked, thanks to the hard work of Dr. McMahon, office manager Scott Thielen, and the rest of the EyeWorks team.  I like to think I’ve taken an outstanding practice and made it even better.  I invite you to come in and visit with the doctors and staff to experience the difference!

Quick edit:  My reference in Houston is to a large practice with multiple eye docs.  I know that many smaller 1 or 2 doc practices can deliver outstanding care to their patients without all the headaches that I experienced.  I also know that they wouldn’t take any vision plans if they didn’t feel like they had to.

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