The Future of Contact Lenses

future of contact lenses

LCD lens. (Credit: Image courtesy of Ghent University)

I came across this article in Science Daily about LCD technology that is being integrated in to the matrix of contact lenses.  Here you see a photo of a contact lens with a simple dollar sign embedded in to it.  It got me to thinking about what other kind of breakthroughs this might lead to in the future.

Surely photochromic contact lenses can’t be too far away.  The most popular name brand in eyeglasses in Transition lenses, which darken outdoors and return to clear lenses indoors.  Many patients over the years have been asking for this technology in contact lenses.

What about contact lenses that change color through an app on a smart phone or mood-changing contact lenses?

Lenses are already in development that will deliver medication in to the eye at predetermined intervals.  You can read more about that at Medical It could make eyedrops a thing of the past.

Why not auto-focus contact lens technology, which has already been tried in eyeglasses?  It hasn’t worked as well as we’d hoped in glasses, but that doesn’t mean their not trying to improve upon them.

And then of course the idea of putting a heads-up display in front of us could be a really cool feature.  Get your GPS guidance through your contact lenses.  Read your texts or play a virtual reality video game.

Of course other issues arise regarding the affordability of these lenses.  How comfortable can they be?  And can the brain process all this information at one time and still be safe on the road or walking down a busy street.

But you owe it to yourself each year when you go in for your contact lens exam to ask your eye doctor about what’s new in contact lens technology.  She might just email you an answer through her contact lenses.

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