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eyeworks keene nh vision therapy occupational deviney mcmahon higleyBehold!  The new logo for EyeWorks’s vision therapy center!  Thank you again to Heather for the design.  And thank you to our staff for helping us come up with the name.  We’ve been seeing and helping patients in our therapy center since October of last year but we decided a name was necessary.

Almost 2 years ago, I wrote an article that I called If you build it, will they come? which introduced our new Sports Vision program.  Well, nobody really came.  We tried promotions and free screenings, but it just never took off.  One of the missing key ingredients was finding a therapist who could implement the necessary treatment for each patient.  

It wasn’t until the virtual death of the sports vision program that I was approached by a local occupational therapist, Krista, who was interested in helping patients with eye coordination difficulties.  After a few meetings in the fall we enrolled our first three patients.  One of our first patient (9 years old) has graduated and she is now free from motion sickness and headaches.  Two more young ladies (9 and 14) are about to graduate and now enjoy reading and can get through their homework in no time at all.  And the best part…no medication required.

We’ve taken a unique approach with the integration of occupational therapy and vision therapy.  A brief explanation of the combination is found on the website.  So far, the approach has worked better than I could have ever hoped for.  I will write more about it as we go and sometime next week we should have some video testimonials from two of our patients and their mothers.

I hope you can follow along with the VisualEyes success stories.  Chances are, you may know someone who we might be able to help and along the way we may see the rebirth of the sports vision program.  Stay tuned and Happy Thursday!

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